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Bitcoin Cycle Review – Leading Crypto Trading Software

Bitcoin Cycle Review

The Bitcoin Cycle trading system is an automated cryptocurrency trading platform that runs on automated bots. Special trading robots, powered by artificial intelligence. These are equipped with up-to-date trading knowledge gained from years and years of blockchain data. It was first started up by a group of blockchain savvy software engineers with a passion for digital currency trades. Many brokers stand by the functionality and trading efficiency of this platform. Steps to join Bitcoin Cycle are also made easy so that new crypto traders can get themselves signed up in no time.

What is Bitcoin Cycle?

Many have come to refer to this trading platform as the “Bitcoin Cycle Scam”. Honestly, if the reviewers wouldn’t dig deep enough to understand the algorithm behind it, the verdict would have been similar to popular belief. However, the platform actually runs on a fully computerized trading system. The system is well furnished with exchange rates, trade market trends, and comparative values of currencies, from both past and present exchanges around the world. This gives the system the ability to somewhat precisely determine points of rising and falling in trade markets and leverage them for a profit.

Bitcoin Cycle mobile app

As of the time of combining this review, Bitcoin Cycle’s trading suites are exclusively desktop access only. Mobile-dependent traders, however, can find a workaround for this by accessing the site via their mobile browser. Although the display has yet to be optimized on mobile and handheld views, the site works as it should on a desktop unit. Mobile users can manage their trades, set limits, and withdraw their profits via mobile as well. The only setback is that the demo version of the site isn’t available for use on mobile browsers.

Is Bitcoin Cycle fake?

The Bitcoin Cycle website is a legitimate trading site recognized as one of the best by the US Trading Association and is protected by the latest in security measures, complete with data encryption. The only thing that sets it apart from common crypto trading platforms is that the site runs all the trades by itself. All users need to do is make a simple deposit and enjoy the fruits of the labor of the trading bots. As there’s no human intervention, the bots make almost accurate projections of when and which to sell around the clock, allowing traders on the site maximal profit.

How to join the Bitcoin Cycle trading system?

Before you can trade with Bitcoin Cycle, you’ll first need to register with the platform. After the registration, there are still additional verification steps that you’ll need to complete. However, the actual sign-up process to create an account only requires a few minutes of your time and minimal details. Let’s look into the full process of joining Bitcoin Cycle and beginning your trading life.

  1. Visit their official site here.
  2. Enter details such as your first name, last name, email, and latest mobile phone number. This email and contact number will be the primary methods of verification and contact.
  3. Click on “Get Started Now” to complete the sign-up.
  4. Once the process is completed, you’ll be sent your unique password for future login purposes. This will be done via the registered email address.
  5. You’ll also receive an email validating your contact number.
  6. And you’re now ready to begin trading with Bitcoin Cycle.

How to start trading with the Bitcoin Cycle software?

Trading on the app is easy, even for beginner crypto traders who only have good things to say about the Bitcoin Cycle experience. With a quick deposit, a few specifications of limits, and stop trading instructions you’ll have your trading robots working day and night to gain profits on your initial investment. Let’s take a look at how to get you set up to start your life as a professional cryptocurrency trader.

  1. Create an account with Bitcoin Cycle.
  2. Login to your account with the credentials sent to your email.
  3. Choose a method of deposit, either through the cashier system or via a Code54 voucher.
  4. Depending on the method that you chose, submit additional verification documents, such as your personal identification, proof of address, card details, and the formal security verification questionnaire.
  5. Make a deposit for any value between $250 to $15,000.
  6. Once your payment is successfully processed, your trading view will be activated with the number of crypto assets that you can populate your trades with.
  7. Purchase a block of assets of your choosing.
  8. Set trade limits and stop trading specifications to further manage your crypto investment.
  9. Leave the rest to the AI trading robots and rake in your profits.

How to payout on the Bitcoin Cycle trading system?

Even payouts have been made automatic on this platform. The Bitcoin Cycle software automatically aggregates the profits and losses from a day’s trade into a precise calculation. The net profit is then credited to your Bitcoin Cycle account balance. Once it reaches your account, you can choose to withdraw them via PayPal, Skrill, local bank transfer options or credit them to the assigned credit card on your account. Withdrawals can take up to 24 hours to be finalized and can only be made at the end of each live trading session.

Features of the Bitcoin Cycle software

The Bitcoin Cycle app for desktop comes with a number of useful features to aid with trading, especially if you’re still a rookie cryptocurrency broker. The site partners with renowned trading software provider Trading Teck. Together, they offer up to 1,000 different cryptocurrencies with low-cost spreads, to help brokers get a bigger share of the profit pie. The system also comes with real-time information, analytics tools, and top-notch security features for a safe and guaranteed investment. Let’s see what makes Bitcoin Cycle stand out in the crypto trading scene.

Trading charts

The trading charts offered are updated every 5 seconds, giving users the most recent market prices for each of their assets. Furthermore, trading signals are obtained via high-frequency VPS technology to ensure that only quality ticks are obtained for a surefire profit rake in. Charts on this trading platform are also powered with a unique Time Leap system which ensures that the charts shown to you are always 0.01 seconds ahead of common market share displays. This way, trading robots can take advantage of these high-speed ticks and help you make trades before someone else does.

Price alerts

The price alerts feature on the site notifies users when there are drastic price changes in the markets where they have assets invested. The system records spikes and tumbles of market prices from the time of purchase to the time all crypto assets of the particular bracket are sold off. Built-in is also a distance marker which gives the trader an idea of the highest peaks and lowest falls against the current market value. With these details, crypto brokers can predict common patterns and know beforehand where profitable periods are.

Social trading

This is yet another unique feature on this trading app, where new traders can stick to strategies already done by brokers preceding them. This copy and paste trading method is based on Bitcoin Cycle legitimate trade histories from their trader pool. All personal information of these successful traders is kept under wraps, with the exception of their trading strategies. So, if you become successful on the platform and are added to the social trading queue, your information is always protected and kept confidential.

Trade reports

The trade reports section on the platform displays all your trade statistics in an easy-to-read infographic dashboard. You can organize profit and loss reports for specific trade periods with just a few simple clicks. The system also automatically generates statistics for your winning and losing trades. These will give you a good idea of the risks and profits of each asset, helping you manage your crypto investment better. You can even print trading statements to keep for future references.

Demo account

The demo account for Bitcoin Cycle is reputable for being a good indicator of how the original system works. On demo mode, users are allowed a certain amount of credits and access to the latest assets that they can purchase. You can then begin trading with these virtual credits to help you understand how the system works, where to look for profitable ticks, and many others. In order to access this feature, users will first need to sign up with Bitcoin Cycle and complete the first few steps of general verification.

Pros and cons


  • Legitimate trading site
  • High-frequency trading prices via VPS technology
  • Secure data storage
  • 24-hour payout window
  • Market-accurate data in real-time
  • AI-powered trading robots to complete trades
  • Quick customer service response and feedback


  • Limited payment options
  • Fixed deposit amount
  • Lengthy verification process

Tips to have a good Bitcoin Cycle experience

Of course, when using a trading platform to manage your cryptocurrency buys and sells, it’s great to have a couple of tips and tricks up your sleeve. Although there may be adverse technicalities in the ever-volatile crypto trading markets, these tips will help ground your investments and provide a path to somewhat secure and guaranteed profits.

  • Calculate risks before purchasing assets or trading
  • Eliminate emotional factors in your trade plans
  • Mitigate risks with trade risk management tools
  • Invest in different crypto coins
  • Analyze blockhain histories for each asset invested
  • Use proven trading strategies
  • Keep an eye on recent financial and political events
  • Always compare to Bitcoin or fiat currencies


Overall, the Bitcoin Cycle website has proved itself to be indeed a trusted site for crypto trading. With its real-time prices and unique Time Leap features, the AI-powered trading bots are able to capture every profitable trade within your asset bracket and monetize it. Its reporting features are also commendable, with one-click reports and infographics available for all your crypto asset trades. In addition, customer support provided is top-class, allowing you to quickly resolve issues with trades or payouts in a jiff. Don’t wait and start making big profits today!

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