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Bitcoin Era Trading System – Use Trade Robots To Make Your Profit

Bitcoin Era

The Bitcoin Era software has been making waves in recent times, with many traders citing the revolutionary auto-trading feature of the platform. First started up by a group of dedicated techies with a profound love for cryptocurrency asset trade, the site has now grown to house a multitude of crypto assets traded by brokers across the oceans. But, what exactly is auto-trading, and how does such a trading platform even function? This review covers every aspect of the Bitcoin Era experience, from the trading features to the payout schemes, even with a few tips and tricks at the end.

What is Bitcoin Era?

The Bitcoin Era trading system is a cryptocurrency trading platform, powered by artificial intelligence. The site requires limited human intervention in its daily trades as the bulk of buying and selling is done by trading robots. These robots are computerized scripts that have learned decades worth of cryptocurrency trading patterns, exchange prices, as well as seasonal major rise and fall patterns. This allows the automated system to make informed purchase and sale decisions, most of which are profitable, up to 99.4% accuracy.

Bitcoin Era mobile app

The site’s operators have mentioned that iOS and Android versions of the trading app are still in developmental stages and are expected to be released soon. Anyhow, mobile-reliant traders, even novice traders who are always on the go, are welcome to try out their mobile site. The site is compatible for use with all versions of smartphones and handheld devices. It’s also been optimized to allow for the best display of trading charts, indicators, and other trading tools. The user-friendly layout of features makes trading on mobile simple and uncomplicated.

Is Bitcoin Era fake?

With news of its automatic profit-making system making waves, many have been asking if Bitcoin Era is reputable. The site is guaranteed to be a verified and legitimate trading platform that offers up to 400% returns in profits each day. This site has been covered in mainstream media channels and also features in leading crypto journals like InsideBitcoins, LearnBonds, and more. Bitcoin Era is also approved by and has received multiple accolades from the US Trading Association. In 2019, the platform was awarded the Best Trading System award, further cementing its presence and relevancy in the crypto market.

How to join the Bitcoin Era trading system?

Getting started on the Bitcoin Era app involves only a few simple steps. Furthermore, it only requires a few simple details to get you started and logged into the trading room. Once you’ve completed the steps to join Bitcoin Era, you’ll be prompted to make your first investment and finalize a few additional verification steps to facilitate withdrawals. Here’s the complete process in detail:

  1. Visit the official Bitcoin Era site at bitcoinera.com.
  2. Fill a sign-up form with a requirement for your first and last name, email, and latest mobile contact number. The email and contact number that you choose will be used as a primary contact channel between yourself and Bitcoin Era.
  3. Locate the “Register Now” button and click to complete the sign-up.
  4. You’ll then have your password and login credentials sent to you via the email you’ve registered.
  5. Bitcoin Era will also send you an email regarding the verification of your registered mobile phone number.
  6. You’re now ready to plunge into the world of crypto trading with Bitcoin Era.

How to start trading with the Bitcoin Era software?

Trading on Bitcoin Era really only requires four steps. These are: sign up, deposit, trade, and profit! With the intelligent trade bots on the lookout for the most profitable exchanges, you’ll have to worry about nothing except how to spend your profits. Let’s go into detail on how to start trading on Bitcoin Era if it’s your first time with this trading site.

  1. Create your Bitcoin Era account. If you’re not sure how to do so, refer to the How to join section.
  2. Login using the credentials sent to you by Bitcoin Era administrators.
  3. Upon successful login, you’ll be redirected to the cashier portal with two options for a deposit. You can choose either cash or credit card transactions, depending on which you’re comfortable with.
  4. Before you can make profits and withdraw your earnings, you’ll need to submit a copy of your personal identification documents to the Bitcoin Era. For credit card users, they’ll additionally require a copy of your card with the CVV and the first 12 numbers concealed for your safety. There’s also a short security questionnaire to be filled out.
  5. Make your first investment for any value between $250 to $15,000.
  6. Once the payment goes through, your active trading view will appear. From this list of assets, you can choose a cryptocurrency pair that you’d like to invest in.
  7. Purchase the assets in question.
  8. Toggle your trade limits and stop trading criteria to further enhance your auto-trading profits.
  9. Let the trading robots get on with the trading and enjoy your profits.

How to payout on the Bitcoin Era trading system?

Trading robots on the Bitcoin Era website not only manage trades, but they also take care of profits. The system automatically credits every bit of profit into your account at the end of each market trade. Many people misconstrue this process and hence, you may have heard the site being referred to as the “Bitcoin Era Scam.” Withdrawals can be made via the many payout channels they offer. These include VISA, MasterCard, Skrill, and a myriad of bank transfer options. All withdrawals will be processed within 24 hours, depending on the type of withdrawal channel you’ve selected.

Features of the Bitcoin Era software

The fact that it has partnered with a creditable trading software provider only proves the Bitcoin Era is legitimate and reputable. 10CFDs is one of the biggest forex and financial commodities trading chart provider. The site catalogs daily market values and trades of nearly all the 1,000 different digital currencies that trade each day. With Bitcoin Era, they work to provide all their members with real-time trade prices, indicators, and charts, as well as analytical tools, all protected with the latest security and encryption tech. Let’s take a more detailed tour of the features the site has to offer.

Trading graphs

All asset exchange charts are set to display market activities in real-time. Each graph offers traders several different tools to help them manipulate the charts to produce useful information. The tools can be used in combination to create an idea of how the market has and will move, known as projections. These projections can be further formatted to send alerts to traders when their projections are active. This way, crypto brokers can return to Bitcoin Era and begin activating their trades, if not already active.

Market alerts

There’s also a section on the trading dashboard which allows you to receive price alerts for the assets that you’ve added to your list. With these useful price pings, traders like yourself will be able to make quick profits by taking advantage of small price changes in the market. Histories of these alerts are also a good source of trade information to help you project the future trade trends of the particular asset. Alerts also act as an assistant for long projections of profit, by indicating a possible long-term trading trend.

Mirror trading

The Bitcoin Era trading system also allows for mirror trading. How this works is that a successful investor’s trade pattern is made available on the social channel of the site. Other traders, especially newbies can then copy the trader’s buy and sell strategies for different assets in order to gain a return on their investment. Not to worry, if you should be successful and have your trade strategies up there, the site protects your personal information, as well as your profit. Merely your strategies and buy and sell patterns will be made available to your peers.

Reports & analytics

The reports dashboard on Bitcoin Era is admirable in that it can produce complex reports at a single click. The system spits out Profit and Loss graphs, net profit, gains on investments by financial assets, and much other useful information to crypto traders. The reports section also has details of bonuses credited to your accounts, as a result of system disparities and such. Full account statements can also be printed out for the duration of your choosing.

Test account

This trading site also offers its traders the functional usage of a demo account. Although the demo account doesn’t do much for seasoned traders, it can be a good place to plot strategy for the newer signups. The test or demo account is fed with real-time data, just like the live trading charts and trades in a similar manner. Profits and losses from each demo trade are logged to give you clear details on the workings of the trading robots running the show. More seasoned crypto brokers may find this feature useful, however, when there’s a new crypto asset to be traded.

Pros and cons


  • Legitimate and reputable trading site
  • Payouts within 24 hours
  • Precise, real-time data feed
  • AI-backed trading robots
  • Efficient customer support
  • Multifaceted reports and analytics dashboard
  • Demo account available
  • Secured with latest encryption and data protection tech


  • Selected payout options
  • Relatively hefty deposit amount
  • Complex verification steps

Tips to have a good Bitcoin Era experience

Even the best crypto brokers on the planets didn’t make their profits overnight. Their meticulous planning, strategy implementation, as well as skills in reading the market brought about their bountiful returns. But, trading isn’t just about the market, it’s also about how you as a trader utilize the logic mind and play your cards right. Here are some top tips for traders, especially novices, that even experienced crypto brokers still hold strongly to.

  • Make calculations of risk factors before buying asset blocks
  • Look at blockchain histories to get an idea of trade patterns
  • Invest in multiple crypto assets for maximum returns
  • Cut losses with risk management tools
  • Follow tried and tested trading strategies for best results
  • Watch political and financial events closely for market trend cue
  • Use Bitcoin or fiat currencies as a main yardstick
  • Use logic and not emotion when trading


The Bitcoin Era experience covers all facets of crypto trading. From precise, real-time trade market values to the easy-to-read reports, they have every feature that a crypto trader needs while trading. The projection tools are especially useful for brokers to identify monetizeable market trends. For beginners, the mirror trading option is a lifesaver. Not only does it help to actively gain a profit, but also helps you pick up trading strategies from the bots. Explore Bitcoin Era and trade like a pro today!

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