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Can You Take The Bitcoin UP Trading System On Its Promises?

Bitcoin Up Review

After spending even longer time indoors, people have realized the need for decentralized funds. They’ve also learned it doesn’t hurt to have a means of making money that doesn’t require you to go anywhere. These realizations led to a rise in the demand and use of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. More people are now down to trade cryptocurrency. That is, there’s an increase in the demand for cryptocurrency exchange. And as stated by the laws of economics, increased demand always leads to an increase in supply.

Bitcoin UP is one of the cryptocurrency software trying to match the increase in demand for crypto exchange with an increase in the supply of platforms for crypto exchange. With its amazing promises for very little, anyone would jump right on. However, Bitcoin UP became popular at a time where crypto scams are at an all-time high, and its quite unbelievable offers make it a potential scam and necessitate a Bitcoin UP test.

The website carries all the signs of possible deception, but these signs are the same ones that actually guarantee an amazing experience. How do you tell the difference then? This review delves into the promised Bitcoin UP experience to tell if it’s true or not, don’t miss out!

What is Bitcoin Up?

Bitcoin UP is a trading system launched in 2016 made to carry out cryptocurrency exchange. It recently gained popularity in the UK and Australia as more people got interested in crypto trading. Bitcoin UP claims to be 99.99% automated, hence, it helps bring crypto traders and users together, regardless of their expertise in the crypto exchange.

All transactions are carried out in cryptocurrencies that are chosen either by the investor or Bitcoin UP software trading signals. The reason fiat currencies come to play is initial deposits can’t be made by someone who doesn’t own a crypto wallet/balance or who has never made a dime of cryptocurrency before. Withdrawals are also carried out in fiat currencies because a certain amount of fiat funds is equal to different amounts of various cryptocurrencies. Hence, to keep a general amount as profit, fiat currency is used.

Trading cryptocurrency to make a profit involves knowing when to buy and when to sell. It even involves knowing who to buy from and knowing who to sell to. This can be quite a task sometimes. Therefore, the existence of automated bots like the Bitcoin UP trading system helps ensure these exchange processes go on smoothly via regulations by the algorithm. It eases so much stress and promises to make lots of money, so it’s only normal that people worry about a Bitcoin UP scam. Are their worries out of place?

Bitcoin Up mobile app

The Bitcoin Up website clearly states it has no mobile app. It’s available as web software and accessible from any browser on any device, whether desktop or mobile. That is, whether you access it from your mobile phone or any kind of computer, the Bitcoin UP experience is the same. Since a mobile app version is almost always preferable and users have asked for one, the designers say they’re working on the Bitcoin UP apps for Android and iOS.

The trading bot has a design in the HTML5 version which can be installed. So, if you’d rather not wait till when the designers are done working on the native apps, install this version of the Bitcoin UP software. It’s available for both Android and iOS.

Is Bitcoin Up fake?

There are some allegations that the Bitcoin UP software is fake because of certain signs that exist in the website design, users’ claims, and other areas. However, there are lots of positive reviews about this crypto software even if you disregard the ones on the site. The length of operation is enough to prove Bitcoin UP legitimate because a scam would have stopped existing a while ago. Sometimes because it’s been found out, other times because suspicions have risen and the platform made enough money to try out some new ways to scam people. Since neither of these occurred, you can’t call Bitcoin UP fake.

The platform has accumulated about 10 awards for various features. One of the passed Bitcoin UP tests is in how the bot trades. Most automated crypto trading algorithms gather information from previous transactions in the crypto market and base trading on this information. Instead of going this way, Bitcoin UP software trades based on market news alone. This method has proven to work well and generate a lot of profit. It works best in high-speed trading conditions.

The Bitcoin UP website shows the trading system cares much about safety, acknowledging the risks coming with crypto trading. It says they invest over $500,000 in online safety measures which include but aren’t limited to 128-bit-key encryption and regular tests. The platform goes further by warning users about the general risks like the fact that there might be losses sometimes. Based on this information, you can deduce that the possibility of Bitcoin UP being a scam is very low.

How to join Bitcoin Up?

Bitcoin UP registration is a simple process open to everyone who’d like to start crypto trading. Here’s how the process works:

Initial signup

This part just needs your email address, phone number, and full name. At this point, you’re only halfway through the Bitcoin UP registration because your account needs to be fully verified before you can trade.

Account verification

This part of the process aims at reducing the risk of financial fraud. After the initial signup, you’ll be required to fill in a Know Your Customer (KYC) form which will most likely be provided by one of the brokers.

Brokers come into play because Bitcoin UP software is just a trading algorithm. It’s not the real place the exchange happens. The brokers are the exchange platforms linking buyers and sellers while bots like Bitcoin UP make the trading happen.

A verified account takes place after the Bitcoin UP registration process is complete.

How to start trading with Bitcoin UP software?

A registered account means you’re connected to one of the Bitcoin UP legitimate brokers, and that means you can now trade using the platform.

Demo trading

A registered account gives you automatic demo trading as part of the Bitcoin UP experience. With demo trading, you can try out the trading system without any first deposit. You’ll see it on the first page after your registration is complete. You can either start there to see how things work or deposit to trade with real money if you have a great idea of how things work.

Initial deposit

Anyone who wants to go straight into trading should start by clicking the ’deposit’ option on the Bitcoin UP login screen. Once you do this, you’re now to choose your preferred option. The available deposit variants include:

  • Credit or debit cards
  • Wire transfer
  • Skrill
  • WebMoney
  • Neteller
  • Bitcoin

Bitcoin UP trading system claims their brokers charge no fees for deposit, and any amount you invest is managed and monitored by the brokers so it’s not used for anything except trading. The minimum deposit for Bitcoin UP is $250. Once your deposit is complete, you can start trading.

The pre-trading process

Before you begin trading with Bitcoin UP software, they want to make sure you get the most out of the full experience. This involves its educational features that were put in place to guide new users through trading. Without going through these educational materials, it’s unclear whether you understand how to assess the risks of trading, so Bitcoin UP made it mandatory. These informational resources also complement the demo trading feature quite well, as you can put what you learn to practice without risking any actual money.

The trading process

After you’ve gone through the resources provided by the Bitcoin UP trading system, they believe you’re finally ready to take on trading. You’re now allowed to set the algorithm’s risk as it suits you and your financial goals, then you can start live trading on the live session.

How to payout on Bitcoin UP software?

Fund your account with the minimum required amount, verify it with documents, and start trading to generate profits. Upon withdrawal, the funds will be paid back to the funding source. It usually may take up to 24 hours for the payout.

Features of Bitcoin Up trading system

Bitcoin UP recently gained popularity among crypto traders, new and old. Given its amazing features, it’s not surprising why. For instance, Bitcoin UP only partners with top-tier brokers which are regulated by authorities recognized in the UK and Australia, such as the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). Hence, the UK and Australian traders can trade with Bitcoin UP software with legal back up.

Bitcoin UP deviates from the norm of using recent transactions as a basis for trading. Instead, its algorithm relies on the market news to determine the state of the market and what trading techniques are making the most profit.

Other unique features of Bitcoin UP trading system include:

  • Demo trading and educational resources: Bitcoin UP ensures you don’t head into crypto trading completely clueless. You get information on how the trading works and you can first try out what you learn by demo trading.
  • Security: A large amount of $500,000 is invested in safety. The Bitcoin UP website is also subject to routine checks and updates.
  • Customer assistance: In addition to the explicit information provided on the Bitcoin UP website, the customer service, once you sign up, has a lot of positive reviews and tips for you.

Pros and cons of bitcoin up trading system


  • Low-profit commissions
  • Web-based
  • Quick signup
  • Simple and free deposit process
  • Educational resources
  • Demo trading
  • Minimum deposit of $250
  • Existing alternative for download-based trading
  • Explicit information on the website


  • No mobile app
  • Occasional fees

Tips for a good Bitcoin Up experience

  • Enjoy the demo trading and educational resources: They’re there for a reason and are especially helpful in making a crypto trading master. Besides, they’re free as long as you sign up and make your first deposit.
  • Begin with minimal funds: Especially if you’re still skeptical. Moreover, the Bitcoin UP website clearly states there are a few risks involved when you trade crypto. If you don’t know how to manage them, go in with the smallest amount you can to minimize loss.
  • Install HTML5 if you prefer the download based Bitcoin UP experience: You can install it on both Android and iOS, so why not? The HTML5 are non-native apps. This means you can’t find them on app stores because they’re not designed specifically to fit a particular device and utilize default operating system features like compass, camera, GPS, and others.


Bitcoin UP trading system might’ve shown up when there was a lot of suspicion going around, but it has features that can help remove most of the doubts you have. Every source of income is risky, but it’s better to know the risks than jump at every opportunity to make easy money. The Bitcoin UP website makes sure to warn everyone of the dangers of crypto trading while managing to keep it very attractive. With this, you’re sure that perks might just be worth the risks. If you’re convinced, join Bitcoin UP now!

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